Miracle on  LA Street

The best part of doing God’s work is you don’t have to actually do anything. God is sovereign, so nothing happens that God didn’t already prepare, plan and set into motion. But we, as servants, can be there to gather when the harvest is ripe. Sometimes I am convinced God allows us to work in the fields as an act of grace upon us – because seeing God in full action is life changing, humbling and fulfilling.

This past Friday, while on the streets ministering to the men and women of Los Angeles, we saw one such harvest – and it has changed me forever.

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photo by devender.com via flickr 


Half a Billion People Were Defriended Last Year—Does That Undermine Facebook’s Business?

Unfriending Facebook contacts is becoming an increasing trend. But experts say this  trend can affect advertising, which may affect revenue.  

Is this bad for Facebook’s business? 

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Being a Trojan

I have always said that USC is a door of opportunity.  Being a Trojan meant that no matter the dream and no matter the cost I always had the resources to chase after it. The greatest example of this was being hired by the Daily Trojan my sophomore year in order to fulfill a lab requirement.  Little did I know that one semester would change the course of my college career.  But my newfound obsession with reporting and writing would have slowly faded if it were not for a professor offering me a job at an up-and-coming newspaper, a Trojan connection linking me to the editor of LAist, and so on.   It is the spirit of the school that inspires me, cultivates my dreams and encourages me to reach higher than my grasp. I now consider myself an aspiring writer – in whatever capacity I can afford - and all that I do pushes me further and further to that goal.  

But no matter what I am doing I still live by the same motto.  Listen long enough to learn something, have enough passion to make the day interesting and serve others like your life depended on it.